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Faery Magick

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Faery Magick and the World of Enchantment

Sunday, June 7th

Celebrating the Honey Full Moon

1:00 – 4:30pm



Join us for a day of enchantment as you rediscover the faery kingdom and how to communicate with the unseen world.  Whether you believe in the enchanted world of faery or not, this can be a day to open your heart to find the childlike magic we are all entitled to experience.  By the time the afternoon is complete you will believe in faeries!  It only takes one experience to feel them all around you and then…. you believe.  In our very serious lives of responsibility and duty we often disconnect ourselves from the wisdom of the child that lives inside and lose the ability to experience the joy of life.   The unseen world offers guidance and friendship.  They share our world and remain the guardian to an unseen kingdom of intelligence to provide us with the answers we seek and yet we have forgotten where that doorway lies.  Since I have lived at 40 Via Zaragoza, for close to 16 years I have known that this was a doorway to that world and I have been the guardian.  Magick occurs here on a daily basis.

You will experience an afternoon of delight, laughter, joy and creativity, as you will create your own enchantment wand.  These were powerful tools of the Druids, not just toys for children.  They hold a life essence that can assist you during times of challenge and transition.  You will be taught not only how to create one but how to charge it with life force to assist you. This will become a powerful ally for you during times of contemplation.   In other words the San Clemente branch of Hogwarts Academy of Magick is now open and we are accepting new applications.

You will learn how to invite the world of faery into your life and how to prepare an altar especially dedicated to the world of enchantment.  You will discover the power of the lunar cycles and how to work with candle magick,.  Discover how to communicate with the stones and crystal spirits that hold an intelligence to assist our journey.

Under the guidance of the Faery Queen the chef will prepare some tasty treats from the faery garden for an afternoon tea.

If you would like to rediscover the child within and share an afternoon of magic, please RSVP to Robbyne at 949/361-7729.  All ages welcome as there is a child somewhere inside all of us.   A very good friend of mine once posed this question to me.  “Rob…as most people struggle to find their inner child, do you think you will ever find your outer adult”?  I just laughed and replied…”Why should I?”

Reservations required as the faeries must prepare all the tools.  Please RSVP to Robbyne at 949/361-7729. Payment in advance appreciated.  Please make check to: White Wolf Journeys at 40 Via Zaragoza, San Clemente, CA  92672.  Space is limited.

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