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August 8th – Lion’s Gate Meditation

The day of the Lion’s Gate portal opening and the longest total lunar eclipse we will experience in this century.  Robbyne LaPlant will guide you through … Read More

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July 12th New Moon – Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Cancer is a water sign and water is the element most closely associated with the Goddess. At the time of the Solar Eclipse, meditating on the … Read More

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March 31st/April 1st – Merlin Full Moon Ritual

For those who feel a strong connection with the Lady of the Lake, there is a knowing that she was not only the High Priestess of … Read More

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March 22nd – Autumn Equinox – Southern Hemisphere

2018 is a year when our past and future join together and our spiritual family has grown around the world as we are woven together in … Read More

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February 1st – Llamas – The Festival of Bread and the Harvest

The Wheel of the Year begins to shift from a growing time to a harvest time.  The first of three Celtic harvest festivals, the Festival of … Read More

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October 19th – New Moon in Libra

A combination of logic and intuition is available with a Libra New Moon helping us find balance in our rapidly changing world. The dark side of … Read More

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