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January 31st – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo Meditation

Robbyne LaPlant guides you through this powerful Total Lunar Eclipse meditation of 2018. Please enjoy this journey through the guidance Robbyne intuitively brings forth. Share any … Read More

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January 31st – February 1st Total Lunar Eclipse Leo Full Moon

Leo is a sign of new ideas and expressing yourself out in the world. With a total lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Moon represents a … Read More

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August 7th – 8th – Lion’s Gate 8:8 – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Lion’s Gate is a portal opening that will occur this year in conjunction with the lunar eclipse, amplifying the energies available to each of us. … Read More

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February 10th/11th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse dedicated to Lilith

Lilith’s themes are freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality.  Her symbol is an apple. She is shown as a serpent with the head and breasts … Read More

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