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Full Moon dedicated to Wadjet the Egyptian snake Goddess – November 14/15

Wadjet is one of the oldest Egyptian goddesses, known to be a protector Goddess. The ancient Egyptian word Wadjet is also the name for the Eye … Read More

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New Moon in Sagittarius – November 29, 2016

As the Wheel of the Moon continues on its never ending course, the moon also travels through the different astrological signs, just as the sun does, … Read More

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October 1st – New Moon in Libra

The first New Moon after the eclipse series of September offers a time to set intentions for balance in our life. Libra is an air sign … Read More

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October 16th – Super Full Moon dedicated to Athena

This is a full moon of empowerment dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena. It is said that Athena was not born of woman. She leaped from … Read More

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