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More information on the Sabbat Articles

The online subscription series is a celebration of the union between the world of human and the unseen world. As we navigate through the year of Sacred Relationships, Divine Partnerships and Holy Alliances we will need the tools to help us stay on course and master patience through the second year of the nine year cycle we are birthing for the planet.

Ritual is an important way to develop a stronger relationship with the natural world and the Goddess.  It is a commitment to follow the Path of the Rose that our souls committed to many lifetimes ago.  Each ritual is created to celebrate the natural world and awaken the spirit of the divine within everyone.

When we befriend the Nature Spirits through the honoring of the moon cycles and sacred Sabbats, our own lives become incredibly richer.

Each month will be a celebration of the natural wonders of our world. As part of the subscription Robbyne will provide guided audio meditations for each of the Full Moons to support the individual in walking a path of beauty and celebrating the alliance we have with the natural world. You can purchase membership using the above buttons, or in our online store here:

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