Whale Tuning Forks Set


There are two tuning forks in this high vibrational healing tool.

When you strike the two together it creates a sense of relaxation so one can go deeper into their own memory to uncover knowledge of their personal journey.

These are especially powerful where water is the significant element.  We are water beings living on a water planet and the whale vibration can clear body memory of emotional trauma stored on a cellular level.


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The first tuning fork resonates to the color green – it realigns the spine and the ribs, heals the tendons, lymph system, kidneys and thyroid. The second tuning fork has a lower frequency than humans can hear and opens ones ability to communicate with the whales and star beings.  This tuning fork resonates to the turquoise blue color and heals the thymus and immune system.

Strike together and put each one at a different ear.   Strike together and use one at the front and the other at the back of the heart center to help create and opening of the heart.  The combination of the sound frequency generated with these tuning forks opens one to the deepest memory in the subconscious to create healing and altar belief systems.

***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.