Uluru Tuning Fork


This tuning fork – used with the Rainbow Serpent Oil – can assist one greatly in the remembrance of who they are and why they have agreed to this earth walk.

It can provide a sense of strength and well being as the red soil of this sacred place is filled with high levels of iron, which can rejuvenate the body and protect the physical vehicle while one travels into the ethereal realms for guidance and utilizes the dreamtime to create.

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The oldest civilization of mankind that still exists on the earth is the Aborigines of Australia.  This group of earth guardians and descendants of ancient Lemuria have never lost their connection to the Divine Spirit.  They utilize the dreamtime to connect to spirit and to create.  Uluru, otherwise known as Ayres Rock is the largest single stone structure in the world and the most sacred to these people.  Stored within the red rock lining of the earth mother is the memory of all that has ever existed here on earth and the deep connection to the stars.

The vibration of this tuning fork connects one to the heart of the earth and allows access into the beginning of time.  When one accesses this place in the stillness of the cosmos one sits in the presence of the creator God and his counterpart the Earth Goddess. Place on the third eye, medulla oblongata and crown chakra to open one to the dream state and the remembrance of our divine connection to source.

***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.