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Tanah Lot Tuning Fork


The frequency emitted by this tuning fork is the longitude and latitude of the sacred water temple of Bali known as Tanah Lot. This temple is dedicated to the Sea Goddess and to the Goddess Lakshmi.

A place that allows one to call forth the healing energies and blessings of the Goddess of Health, Wealth, Good Fortune, Abundance and Prosperity.

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This sound frequency creates a sense of inner peace and harmony. For the Balinese spirituality is a major focus of their everyday experience. They are consistent with their prayers and meditations, careful to make offerings and show gratitude for all the goodness in their life. Because of this focus and consistent connection made to spirit they walk in balance with the earth and their spirit rests peacefully inside their physical body. Unlike the rest of the western world that pays little focus to their spirituality and instead are caught in the illusionary world and feel disconnected from their divine spirit. This leaves them vulnerable to the outside influences of fear and chaotic energies. This tuning fork can bring that same sense of oneness that the people of Bali experience as the ancient Lemurians once did. This tuning fork can also be used with the Emerald Green Ray Tuning Fork , as the source of the Emerald Green Ray is anchored in the sacred earth of Bali and radiates from the Temple of Tanah Lot. When the two are used together it anchors the balanced frequency of light and love back into the earth grid and can be used to balance distorted energy fields.  ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.