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Original Male and Female Seed Tuning Forks


Three tuning forks have been channelled to me after my return from Antarctica.

Although much of this will be shared with all participants at the Easter Seminar I wanted to give you a brief description of the significance of these tuning forks.

They are each very timely with the energies that we are experiencing in the Year of Enlightenment and the Reawakening to our true potential.

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Antarctica was once a very different landmass than is experienced today. Once a continent of lush rain forest and emerald green landscapes before the earth changes this is still home to the original seed of God being expressed as mankind. This is the origin of the perfect balance of male and female energies, the marriage of science and spirituality, and the harmony of our spirit expression reflected in the universe and our earth walk expressed in human form.   When the land mass was significantly changing there was one species that remained behind as guardians of the original knowledge and the secrets contained within this region. The penguin, walking along the land as man does and also able to move much quicker and gracefully in the waters that surround the great ice continent. Very sacred to the native people the mystery of these birds continues to fascinate mankind. Everything about these creatures is symbolic. The color of the penguin, black and white represents the black void of the unknown and the world of the unseen, the white is an expression of that light and the animal itself embodies the blend, and balance of dark and light. Penguins teach us to embrace and understand all realms of life. There association with water symbolizes the ability to achieve out of body experiences to connect with our own inner rhythm and timing. Penguins come to those who are vivid dreamers and often receive messages in the dreamtime or in a meditative state so they can assist one in developing the ability to receive the messages with greater clarity.  As a result of my incredible journey into the heart of the penguin rookeries where I was able to be with 300,000 of these majestic beings the following tuning forks were channeled. The penguin communicates to find their mate and offspring with a sound frequency. The Emperor Penguin which is the oldest and largest of these amazing beings emits two audible sounds, a higher and lower frequency. It has been found that the frequency emitted by the female penguin is the exact same hertz frequency that the human being expresses as its first cry at birth. There is a combination of two tuning forks. One is the sound frequency of the female which vibrates into the aura connecting the universal light and the other is the male frequency which vibrates into the physical body. These sounds synchronize the hemisphere of the brain and place you in resonant harmony with the earth and the universe. It reactivates the original God code that is expressed within the cells as the sound reawakens our consciousness as to who we are Origin H20 This is the hertz frequency that emanates the sound of the purest water. This is the sound scientists search for when looking for water in our universe and this is the sound that is found in the ancient ice of Antarctica. The sound emanates a frequency to each cell of the body. 90% of the fresh water of the world is found in this ice region and our bodies hold 80% water. Science has proven what our thought forms can transform within the body when we work with the element of water.   Ancient secrets have been stored in the ice for mankind since the first human being was expressed as a living being on the earthwalk.   The sound frequency sets ones mind free of worry and anxiety as it release the ancient knowing of our true origin and the sense of separation is restored to that of unity. It reprograms our consciousness with the ancient’s truths that we are Limitless, abundant, beings of light, magnets to attract all that the universe has to offer. ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.