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Magenta Ray Tuning Fork


MAGENTA is the closest connection to the Godhead possible, and as such is representative of all things great and small – all of which are of equal importance!

In other words, MAGENTA is about tremendous respect for the Sacredness of all Life. Magenta is one of the most amazing colors in our spectrum!

It is the color of the sacred union of the Sun and Moon; the color, which unifies the two, ends of the rainbow.

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The colour MAGENTA was given its name by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the late 1700?s.   After duplicating numerous times he discovered an observable phenomena that fell outside the limited parameters of Sir Isaac Newton’s Wave Length Theory ??of colour ?? which found its roots in passing white light through a glass prism to produce the familiar rainbow effect.   The phenomena, was the ??recurring and unexplainable appearance ? of an eighth colour ?? one which would ??mysteriously appears ? just beyond Violet ?? or just before Red, seemingly creating a Colour or Light Loop (Circular) as opposed to a Rainbow (Linear). Goethe named this elusive colour MAGENTA.   MAGENTA is both the end and the beginning of the Light Spectrum ?? representing the Alpha and the Omega ?? the fullest expression of Divine Love. As such, MAGENTA contains all the other colors including the White Light.   MAGENTA is interpreted by the most ancient teachings of the Great Mystery Schools, as the colour of the 8th chakra ?? ??The Soul Star ? ?? residing just outside the physical body, and above the head. In this capacity, MAGENTA contains our individual ??Soul Blueprint ?, otherwise known as our ??Akashic Record ?.   Connection to this chakra reveals our reason for incarnating ?? our Divine Mission ?? and then further supports our energies to actualize it. It is only possible to experience the living of Heaven (Violet) on Earth (Red), when polarities no longer exist. It is for this reason that the Akashic Record is held in the MAGENTA chakra, beyond duality and the ensuing FALSE judgment this state creates.   It also corresponds with the number 44 which goes with the 4th Gate of the 11:11, which is much of what we are currently experiencing as we build the foundations of our New Lives. The Magenta Ray is cosmic energy and divine love. It combines the Red and the Violet ray and brings with it a deep sense of spirituality. It connects both the root and crown chakra and brings in  a very grounded perception of higher levels of communication.  ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.