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Magdalena Tuning Fork


The sound frequency of this tuning fork once again accesses the code stored within your own DNA that transcends time and space and allows tapping into the teachings of Maria Magdalena.

The memory of truth behind her role as an initiate from the House of David and a High Priestess from the Temple of Isis.

The truth behind the Black Madonna that has become an icon of mystery and worship. This is the sound frequency that opens the perineum allowing the energies to flow freely from the crown chakra to the pelvic center.

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Fear closes the pelvic center down and we become trapped in the illusion of the earth experience. When this is flowing properly we are able to go in and out of the void. When this energy field flows unobstructed the chalice of the Goddess and Excalibur of the God merge together as one and the sacred marriage takes place within us creating balance and high intuitive abilities. We are able to bring starlight to the earth as walking human expressions of the Divine Source. We are able to experience oneness. This is an excellent tuning fork to release deep seeded fears as well as distorted energies on sex and intimacy.  ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.