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Lemuria-Easter Island-Giza Prime Tuning Fork Set


These three tuning forks used together, create an inner connection to the universe.

The sound frequencies created from this series of three forks allow one to access dormant memories of the souls origin and significant events in the history of the earth experience.

The individual tuning forks are created with precise mathematical sequences that allow one to tap into the various grid points on the planet to access the wisdom that been held in the etheric band of light from all ancient civilizations. These are the keys to unlock the library of light.

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The tuning forks hold sound frequencies that will reactivate dormant telepathic centers in the human body as well as cell rejuvenation memory. Each cell in the human body has a consciousness and a stored memory of its natural state of perfection. During the times of Lemuria all cells were in harmony with the God Source and the earth. There was no disease or violence amongst the civilizations. It was a time when all beings were in harmony. Easter Island is the one point of light on the matrix that radiates out to the universe. All other sacred points on the matrix are entry points for the universal intelligence to send forth-high healing energy and anchor into the earth grid. Easter Island resonates the consciousness of mankind out to the universe. The sound frequency of Easter Island and Lemuria when they are joined together creates the actual longitude and latitude of Easter Island and the sound frequency that resonates human consciousness out to the collective consciousness of the universe. When they are then joined with the Giza Prime it serves as the universal key to unlock the wisdom of the universe. The Giza Prime tuning fork can be used with any other tuning fork that is connected to the matrix such as Roslyn Chapel, Temple of Isis, and Temple of Osiris, Uluru to make an instantaneous connection to the knowledge stored by the ancients within these sites. The Giza Prime is the origin of the entry into the matrix and when combined with other frequencies, it allows one to access the other entry points on the grid.  ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.