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ISIS Tuning Fork


Helps to heal deep seeded wound of Maria Magdalena being separated from her beloved. Isis was the first female presence to express loss and heartache.

This sound frequency can heal those memories and wound to the heart. Greatly enhance when used with the ISIS MAGIC elixir and the Andara Crystal.

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This tuning fork holds the frequency of the holiest of the Egyptian temples and the center of the Isis Grid. Isis is the ancient of ancients and the most revered Goddess presence on the earth. All of nature answers to her and she is the Goddess who creates form from the formless. She has existed since the beginning of time. Real magic is the preparation and initiation to the Isis energies. This tuning fork aligns one to the sacred center of the Goddess energy. She is the life force from which all is manifested. This can be used to enhance all forms of manifestation. For purification and cleansing. Can be used by placing the tuning fork into purified water to prepare sacred water for offerings and ceremony. Can be used to open the heart center to receive the power of Isis. Can be utilized to enhance sexual union in relationships. The harmonic frequency is one that resonates to the higher union of heaven and earth as expressed through the Goddess. This is the frequency of the fifth element and can be used to anchor this vibration back into the earth gird. When this tuning fork strikes the Temple of Osiris it creates the sacred marriage joining the beloved husband and wide together, joining heaven and earth, reuniting the spirit with the physical world. ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.