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Dragon Tuning Fork


The Hertz frequency of this tuning fork is one associated with the Master Teacher Thoth who gifted our world with the sacred symbol known as the Flower of Life.   When used on the heart chakra it can assist in activating the Seed we carry inside our heart. The seed that holds the wisdom and remembrance of our soul purpose.   To enhance the healing aspect of this tuning fork use with the Seed of Life Oil or Dragon’s Fire Oil.

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The vibration of the dragon tuning fork is measured by the frequency of the gateway or portal that opens one to the Dragon Energy.   A powerful earth energy that supports in grounding and connecting us to the heartbeat of the earth mother. When we are resonating to her sound we can find solid footing during times of uncertainty. We are able to listen to our knowing heart to find our own internal timing. When placed on the spine at the base, known as the root chakra, ones kundalni energy is activated and an instantaneous clearing of the lower three chakras of congested energy of fear and deep seeded emotion, occurs. One is supported in opening the earth star located six inches beneath our feet. The Dragon Tuning Fork helps one align with the cosmic spider web and assists with earthing.   Use on the Crown Chakra and base of the spine to align and balance the energy centers so they are flowing in harmony with the earth frequency. ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.