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Avalon Tuning Forks


AVALON (A Pair of two tuning forks)
. The combination of these 2 tuning forks creates the sound frequency of the Vesica Piscis ratio found at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England, which is the visible landmass of Avalon that still remains in the world of human.

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The Vesica Piscis represents the perfect Balance of Yin and Yang, the Masculine (electric) and the Feminine (magnetic) universal polarities.   Avalon is one of the sacred Star gate openings that bridge the world of human and that of the unseen. It is the sound frequency that activates the violet bridge between Glastonbury and Mount Shasta, the realm of the etheric Mystery School under the guidance of Master Saint Germaine who walked upon the earth as the physical expression of the Merlin during the time of Camelot.   As one reestablishes the alliance of these two worlds the sound frequency opens the heart and mind to become a living expression of the Holy Grail.   It alters the DNA and awakens one to the remembrance of Avalon. Avalon 1 is the vibration of the holy spring altering the living waters within our physical body temples and Avalon 2 is the sound frequency measuring the time it takes Sunlight to reach the Earth. This sacred geometric ratio is one of the key ratios associated with the Goddess.   As our DNA and bio circuitry continues to be altered with the increased light being sent to the earth through the energetic shifts such as the Solar Flares, the Venus Transit and the galactic alignments the sound frequency helps to stabilize and support the physical body temple These sounds frequencies can bring one back into balance supporting the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies.   Strike the two together creating a high vibrational sound and place near each ear.   Place Avalon 1 on the third eye and Avalon 2 on the heart.   These can be greatly enhanced if used with the Mystical Avalon oil. ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.   Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.