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Andromeda Tuning Fork


Awareness of the love principle contributing to the souls evolution and the higher purpose of contributing the earth’s evolution is brought into our consciousness with this vibrational frequency.

It is from the Andromeda system that the energy of the dark mother Goddess can be attuned.  Working with this tuning fork can assist in earth healing to activate the song and heart lines on the earth grid and is the frequency to activate the 11:11 code.

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The Andromeda Galaxy is 2 million light years away; it is the most distant object we can see unaided with the naked eye. Seen without a telescope, the galaxy is about twice the diameter of the full moon from earth.   Andromeda holds the frequency of divine love.   The influence of this brilliant star frequency enhances ones ability to understand the long-term purpose of the divine plan of humanity’s evolution.   It opens one up to recall different life forms, such as those incarnations as dolphins, whales, beings in the natural world such as faeries and earth energies.   Working with the energy of Andromeda can enhance one’s ability to perceive the overall picture eliminating fear and doubt bringing courage and sense of divine purpose to the Faith keepers.   The energy of the galaxy can be attuned to directly when one is receiving light through dance, music, meditation and even the dreamtime.   The Andromeda system is a mirror reflection of the Milky Way galaxy yet has remained within the higher vibrational frequency of Universal Love.    ***All tuning forks are custom made to order.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.