Southern Cross Faery


This beautiful celestial faery is the guardian of our soul’s secret as she carries a Lemurian Seed Crystal. It is said that the Seed crystal is starlight solidified into the earth energies. Read more below.

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The Southern Cross is the star portal that all souls travel through in the evolutionary journey into the earth dimension. It is the doorway home. The Lemurian Seed crystal holds the blueprint to access the memory of our soul’s journey. This star light faery comes with the Southern Cross Oil. Like the navigators of the past this oil raises your vibrational frequency to connect to the wisdom of the stars and the remembrance of the long journey that has brought us to this place. It creates a magnetic field that aligns us with our destiny and those who can support us to realize our dream in this powerful year of manifestation. The southern cross is visible from the lands of the southern hemisphere and it is said that this is the doorway that takes us back to source. A powerful oil containing starlight infused into a crystal heart the night of the Full Moon beneath a Pohutakwa tree, the tree of life anchoring heaven and earth together. Giving us the balance of the head and the heart. When we feel we have become burdened with the journey, weighed down by the challenges and hurts of the past this oil lifts us beyond the illusion and back to the memory of the stars.