Sea Egg Faery


The faery comes with the Whale’s Song Oil which truly carries the heart song of these celestial guardians. The oil can open one to a clearer understanding of the memory stored within one’s living waters. Read more below

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In the year of manifestation the sea egg faery helps to nurture the dreams and visions we wish to manifest. She comes with a beautiful pearl that has been blessed in the sacred waters that carry the soul song of the whale and dolphin. The pearl of wisdom is said to be guarded by the the guardians of the dragon line. It is the dragon that is the keeper of the ancient knowledge of the earth experience. The pearl can be placed on one’s altar at the time of the New Moon as a symbol of intended all that we desire to come into manifestation. Sacred to the Goddess it is her gift from the sea given to the human that holds the purity of love. The pearl was blessed with the mother andara crystal, known as the stone of unconditional love in sacred ceremony at the time of the Winter Solstice.