Scallop Shell Faery


Scallop Shell Faery comes with a beautiful scallop shell from Waiheke Island, in New Zealand, known as the crystal island.

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The shell was blessed in the Full Moon in ceremony beneath the Pohutakawa tree known as the tree of life and again blessed in the sacred waters of Mount Shasta at the turning of the wheel on the Winter Solstice. Each shell has been embellished with gold leaf to balance the male and female energies. The sacred symbol of 2015 is the infinity sign and holds the energy of this balance.   Gold is the divine male essence. The scallop shell is sacred to the Goddess as it is gifted from the sea holding the divine feminine essence. The scallop shell reminds us to allow others to have their journey as we have ours. This oil comes with the Blessings of Venus Oil created at the time of the Venus transit and brings one into a state of perfect balance of the heart and head, the polarity of inner vision and outer expression.