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Pohutakawa Faery


The Pohutakawa Faery– this tiny spirit being is the very source of life for the Pohutakawa tree known as the Tree of Life. When one sits beneath the pohutakawa tree it is said that one receives guidance for their journey and the ability to navigate through the shadow times of uncertainty. This delightful elf comes with the Pohutakawa oil.

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The Pohutakawa elf was blessed beneath Grandmother and Grandfather tree at the time of the Full Moon in sacred ceremony bringing you the wisdom of these magnificent ancient ones.   The magnificent tree spirit is known as the Tree of Life. It joins the human to all realms and gathers the power of the Four Winds. As we enter the Year of Manifestation and the need to find our still point, this oil can assist us in finding direction. Created with the flowers of the Pohutakawa tree that bloom once a year it symbolizes that from the death of the old parts of self a new beginning is born within the sacred rhythm of our journey. The flowers were blessed at the time of the Full Moon where it is said that if one sits beneath this Tree of Life one can discover the course direction they need to make to fulfill their destiny.