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Paua Shell Faery


Paua Shell Faery will help you see the beauty within and give you the courage to allow your colors to shine out into the world. She is that gentle voice of encouragement reminding you to be all that you were born to be. She holds a piece of the Paua shell found only in the cold waters of New Zealand

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Blessed at the time of the Full Moon in the waters of the lands of Lemuria. Sacred for its reminder that as we weather through the storms of life, the layers of illusion can be washed away to reveal our true inner beauty. This beautiful faery of the rainbow comes with the Paua Shell oil. There is a special magick in this rainbow shell, sacred to the Maori. It holds the mystery of the shining light that we carry within ourselves. This beautiful oil created with the paua shell and charged in the energy of the FulI Moon holds moonlight which can illuminate the inner beauty within us. It opens one to a place on their journey, allowing the dreams of the deepest desires to come to life. Excellent to boost ones confidence to walk a path of truth and allow their true colors to shine.