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Kauri Tree Faery


Kauri Tree Faery is the guardian of the seed you carry within your heart. She comes with the Kauri Oil. Created with the seed of the great Kauri Tree, Tane Muhata known as the Lord of the Forest from the enchanted Waipoua forest on the North Island.   This oil brings about a sense of renewed strength and courage.

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From this great tree all of life is born. It is said that the Kauri tree separated the heavens and the earth to bring forth light. Kauri reminds us to always grow towards the light and to remember that we are each seeds. Even though we may think we are small, we are grand expressions of the Goddess. The Kauri faery will help us stay focused on our personal journey. Kauri carries the message of the ancient ones to grow always toward the light. The message coded deep within our knowing.   ??I AM a seed, even though I appear to be very small I am magnificent ?. This oil brings us to the wonder of change. It reminds us to walk with focus and passion. Kauri’s powerful straight trunk is symbolic that we are the vessel of light. This oil is essential to bring us back into balance when we feel we have lost our way, reminding us we are seed carriers, star children of the universe who carry the gift of love.