Tuning forks provide soundwaves to restore balance to the body's chakras, keeping the muscles,
nervous system and organs in perfect harmony. … The tuning fork is a great and non-
invasive healing to that supports the balancing of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical

Pythagoras, the great teacher and mystic from ancient Greece, is credited with being one of the
first to document the healing affect of sound frequencies to heal the body. Sound travels through
the air as cycles per second. A human being hears 6 to 16,000 cycles per second. Dolphins emit
a sonar sound frequency that is 180,000 cycles per second. It is for this reason that anyone who
has swam with dolphins when they emit that sound frequency experience healing shifts within
the body and claim their lives are never quite the same. This is also the sound frequency of love.
Dolphins teach us to be in the present moment where this frequency is generated.

We as human beings are programmed with illusions based on the beliefs of our ancestors, our
parents, society, our religions, and our personal experiences. This memory is held within our
DNA and living waters. These illusions cause disharmony, trauma and eventually damage as the
imbalance in our thought forms create imbalances in our physical structures. Fear, doubt,
anxiety, stress, disappointment, lack of motivation, self abuse are the affects of these untruths
which lead to poverty consciousness, fear of relationships, poor health conditions, and the blocks
that prevent us from experiencing the celebration of life. Sending waves of sound through the
human body can assist in releasing these lower vibrational energies. This is crucial at this time
of evolution for our water planet. We live on the sacred blue which is 70% water and held
within our human body temple is 70% water. Our living story is held within these waters.
Sound serves as a conduit to release and transform the old energies into a higher frequencies of
light. Each tuning fork is individually crafted and aligned to the hertz frequency that can
support our delicate nervous system restoring health and well being.

Andromeda Tuning Fork

Awareness of the love principle contributing to the souls evolution and the higher purpose of contributing the earth’s evolution is brought into our consciousness with this vibrational frequency.

It is from the Andromeda system that the energy of the dark mother Goddess can be attuned.  Working with this tuning fork can assist in earth healing to activate the song and heart lines on the earth grid and is the frequency to activate the 11:11 code.

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Avalon Tuning Forks

AVALON (A Pair of two tuning forks)
. The combination of these 2 tuning forks creates the sound frequency of the Vesica Piscis ratio found at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England, which is the visible landmass of Avalon that still remains in the world of human.

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Dolphin Tuning Fork

The majestic guardians of our sacred waters and animal allies from the stars emit a sound frequency of 180,000 cycles per second. This is not audible to our human ears other than a sonar sound emitted through water.

The sound frequency is such a high vibration that it can instantaneously realign us to the stars, opening and balancing the chakra system, activating dormant telepathic centers.

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Dragon Tuning Fork

The Hertz frequency of this tuning fork is one associated with the Master Teacher Thoth who gifted our world with the sacred symbol known as the Flower of Life.   When used on the heart chakra it can assist in activating the Seed we carry inside our heart. The seed that holds the wisdom and remembrance of our soul purpose.   To enhance the healing aspect of this tuning fork use with the Seed of Life Oil or Dragon’s Fire Oil.

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Emerald Green Healing Ray Tuning Fork

This tuning fork holds the healing frequency of the emerald green ray, which is the highest healing ray available at this time.

This can bring about a total sense of balance, can raise the frequency in the human body to promote and accelerate healing.

Excellent to use for accessing and opening the heart chakra. Wonderful to use if one is experiencing heart-ache or disappointment from a broken relationship.

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Holy Grail Tuning Fork

When this tuning fork is brought forth, it can transform energies into Self-love and self-acceptance of the divine feminine within and help to restore confidence, and create abundance of consciousness.

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ISIS Tuning Fork

Helps to heal deep seeded wound of Maria Magdalena being separated from her beloved. Isis was the first female presence to express loss and heartache.

This sound frequency can heal those memories and wound to the heart. Greatly enhance when used with the ISIS MAGIC elixir and the Andara Crystal.

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Lady Gaia Tuning Fork

This tuning fork is a powerful balancer of light and dark bringing everything into union. It helps us to align our human expression with the divinity within us.

Lady Gaia is the vibrational frequency of the earth in perfect alignment with the universe. It can be used to bring harmony into our personal spaces of work and home. One of the most powerful tools to align us with our earthwalk and purpose of expression.

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Lemuria-Easter Island-Giza Prime Tuning Fork Set

These three tuning forks used together, create an inner connection to the universe.

The sound frequencies created from this series of three forks allow one to access dormant memories of the souls origin and significant events in the history of the earth experience.

The individual tuning forks are created with precise mathematical sequences that allow one to tap into the various grid points on the planet to access the wisdom that been held in the etheric band of light from all ancient civilizations. These are the keys to unlock the library of light.

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Magdalena Tuning Fork

The sound frequency of this tuning fork once again accesses the code stored within your own DNA that transcends time and space and allows tapping into the teachings of Maria Magdalena.

The memory of truth behind her role as an initiate from the House of David and a High Priestess from the Temple of Isis.

The truth behind the Black Madonna that has become an icon of mystery and worship. This is the sound frequency that opens the perineum allowing the energies to flow freely from the crown chakra to the pelvic center.

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Magenta Ray Tuning Fork

MAGENTA is the closest connection to the Godhead possible, and as such is representative of all things great and small – all of which are of equal importance!

In other words, MAGENTA is about tremendous respect for the Sacredness of all Life. Magenta is one of the most amazing colors in our spectrum!

It is the color of the sacred union of the Sun and Moon; the color, which unifies the two, ends of the rainbow.

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Milky Way Higher-Milky Way Lower-111 Tuning Fork Set

The 111 tuning fork creates cell rejuvenation and is connected to the realms of the Christ energy and the angelic kingdom.

In these times of great vibrational change taking place on the earth this tuning fork can be instrumental in bringing the physical body back into a place of balance when the higher infusions of light are sent from the angelic realms.

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