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    The Dragonfly Emergence Course


    Because of their connection to water, dragonflies are tied to our emotional selves. If you are stuck in an emotional pattern or just stuck in a temporary rut, dragonfly’s transformative power can assist on a deep level to make significant change.

    This course is an ongoing process of (7) sessions that requires commitment and focused intention.  It includes a chakra clearing reading and review to set intentions as you begin the process of emergence. It is designed to raise your energy field from 3D limitations to 5D potential.

  • pohutakawa tree waiheke

    The Four Gifts Of Wisdom


    The wisdom keepers in the Southern Hemisphere believe that the Pohutukawa tree is the Tree of Life sitting in a great circle of wisdom keepers known as the four clans.  The Tuatha de Dannan from the Northern Hemisphere were given gifts from the ancient ones which has created powerful tools of earth wisdom to assist the land dwellers in finding their way.  These are the teachings I offer to share with you to support your journey.

    This course is an intensive four month program where you will receive guided meditations, sacred rituals, tools to support the journey.  We will work together via zoom or skype.

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    The Path Of The Rose Course


    This is an inner journey that requires your full commitment to complete the cycle of your soul’s growth.   You may choose the timing as to how you approach the program but there must be a commitment to complete each pathway module before moving on to another.

    With each pathway you will receive access to guided meditations, written tools and templates, ceremonial tools to support the journey holding the energy.  To view the details of each pathway, click the module title in the menu.

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