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Wisdom of The Yew Tree


The earliest cultures referred to Yew as the Tree of Life. The ancient language of the living Yew holds memory and information concerning the pre-earthly origin and spiritual lineage of human beings. The language and lineage of the Yew were carefully guarded and preserved for thousands of years by generations of holy men, mystics and saints known as the Carriers of the Sacred Branch. The human being and the Yew tree belong together. Place on the temples, medulla oblongata, and heart center. Place on the wrists and rub them together. Breathe in this intoxicating scent of the ancient standing tall one. Feel the breath activates the seed you carry inside of your heart. Enter the stillness and listen to the guidance from your heart.

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The Yew reveals what is hidden in the human. Every living gesture of the Yew implies the presence of a Divinely given human ability to ‘touch’ an original and ‘unborn’ condition where Spirit arises to breathe the mystery of life into our ’embryonic’ and protoplasmic substance. This represents not only a function of true spiritual Health but also a (Rainbow) bridge to a further human development. The practice that can engage with the power of the tree’s language and lineage in order to support the emergence of a more spiritually developed and responsible human being ready to serve the needs of others.