White Buffalo Woman oil


It is said that from White Buffalo Woman also known as Changing Woman the four directions were born.  There is a stone that represents each of the four directions.  She gave birth to the four natural energies available to us in the greater cosmos.  She moves around the circle of life with the seasons.   This oil was prepared in sacred ceremony with each of these stones placed in the mother base.  Turquoise, red coral, mother of pearl and obsidian from an arrowhead found in an ancient Anasazi ceremonial site.   This oil can help us move into harmony with our own personal timing and the remembrance of the ancient teachings.

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White Buffalo Woman

This beautiful oil is a combination of pure rose oil and pure jasmine oil known to open the heart and the mind into perfect union to receive guidance from the divine feminine.  The first nation people speak of the time when White Buffalo Woman came to them to teach the ways of the peace pipe ceremony as well as how to live in harmony with the earth and to live a good life in peace with all relations.