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The Seed of Life


This beautiful oil contains a combination of the high vibrational energies known to give life and inspiration to our heart’s true purpose. This is especially powerful to activate the seed we carry inside. Each time you place the oil on your heart center and sit in stillness practicing the Spirit of Aloha breath you are energizing and giving life to the seed you carry. Place also on your wrists. Rub them together and breathe in the essence of the oil.

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The Spirit of Aloha breath is to sit in stillness and breathe in the spirit of love as you visualize a beautiful ocean wave moving towards you. Be focused on your breath and visualize the wave washes away negative thoughts, doubts, stress and burdens that you carry. The next wave brings new life and song of the whales to restore balance and harmony. Repeat this process 30 times giving gratitude to the celestial guardians of the sea. The more you work with the high vibrational frequency of this oil the more you will gain clarity as to the seed you carry.