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Spirit of the White Horse Oil


Created with lavender from the Carmague region of southern France where the horses turn white in the lands the Magdalene arrived from Palestine and a beautiful combination of oils from Egypt and France that create a sense of freedom and expansion.  Using transference magick the spirit of the white horse was called into the oil.  Place on the heart chakra, the third eye and the dream center.  Place on the wrists, rub together and with each breath acknowledge the Goddess who shape shifts into the white horse and can guide you to the inner chambers of your consciousness.

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Spirit of the White Horse 

The white horse is a spirit guide that can assist one in finding the freedom they seek and self-actualization to become all they were born to be.  The white horse is a symbol of truth and purity, a powerful presence to assist you in breaking free of the bonds and illusions that hold you back.  The spirit of the white horse can allow you to access the inner worlds where creative inspiration lies.


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