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Spirit of White Wolf


This is a very special oil prepared with the spirit of the White Wolf on the night of the Wolf Moon to assist one on their journey when one opens their heart to listen to the guidance of the unseen world and the spirit of the ancestors.   This is a subtle and gentle oil that can open one to listen to their own inner guidance and is especially powerful to enhance the experience of working with the Full Moon energy.   Place on the third eye, dream center, enlightenment center, and heart center.   Place on the wrists and rub together, call the spirit of white wolf to you and ask for guidance.

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The wolf spirit brings leadership and can guide one through the times of uncertainty, as the wolf never sees failure only opportunity.   The Arctic White Wolf is capable of withstanding numerous challenges and setbacks, only to emerge stronger than before.    She will guide you through the times of adversity and teach you to build the resilience with which to overcome obstacles. By calling upon their inner strength and resilience, the Arctic White Wolf, will triumph over all obstacles The White Wolf walks with the wisdom keepers and is gifted from the stars to walk amongst human as a teacher and guide.