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Spirit of White Owl oil


This is an excellent oil to clear the body temple of lower vibrational energies or doubts and can protect one from outside influences and negative thought forms. Use in sacred ceremony to bring everyone into union with clear and focused intention by placing on the wrists, third eye, crown, medulla oblongata and heart center.

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As the vibration of the planet continues to accelerate this oil can assist one in seeing through the illusions of their life experience to support creating the dream.  The oil contains clary sage, sacred to the Native Americans for clearing negativity and Palo Santo sacred to the Mayan, Inca, and indigenous tribe’s of South America for its healing properties and ability to clear negativity and create sacred space.  A piece of the holy wood was infused into the mother base.  Frankincense and other high vibrational oils such as Angelica and Helicrysum, known to uplift ones soul essence and clear away feelings of sadness, fear, doubt and depression were added to help one see clearly any situation or person who is not in harmony with their purpose or true dream.