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Spider Rock Oil


This oil has been charged in a medicine wheel ceremony to call forth the wisdom of the stone beings and has tremendous healing properties.

If placed on a crystal or stone the oil can actually help one to communicate with the spirit of the stone and receive messages from these earth guardians and record keepers to unlock the memory of Spider Woman’s medicine.

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Much can be learned when we sit still and experience the messages the stone people have to share with us. The andara crystal was placed in the Mother base after being on Spider Rock, in Canyon de Chellys. This sacred rock held great spiritual significance to the First Nation people. Believed to be the place where the holy people lived and the origin of the cosmic spider web, one can connect to the healing energies offered from this sacred place for the children of earth when their journey becomes filled with difficulty and challenge. Spider Rock sits on the same leyline as Uluru or Ayers Rock in Australia and was equally as sacred to the Aboriginal tribes. The ancestors would come to this place seeking vision, healing and nurturing from Grandmother Spider. On the rock is a clear image of the Black Madonna assuring her children that she is always present when called upon and belongs to all who seek her assistance.