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Rainbow Serpent Oil


This oil will assist one in aligning with personal truth as the pathway to enlightenment will be illuminated during these powerful eclipse alignments.

This oil will open one to the shamanic mind and allow one to enter the dreamtime. This combination, charged with the Andara crystal creates an energetic blend of support to all the subtle energy bodies as well as opens one to the dreamtime.

Place on your wrists, the medulla oblangata (the point where the neck and skull come together also known as the well of dreams) and your third eye.  Rub your wrists together and breathe the sacred oil into your auric field.  This oil will enhance your meditations, especially when listening to the guided meditations on the crystal singing bowl CD and will enhance the power of visualization as you create your own dreamscape.

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As we move into the year of the Rainbow Serpent a new oil is available to enhance the dreamstate and activate the kundalini energy.   There will be several stargate activations that will facilitate a flow of celestial light to the earth during the course of the year.     In 2011 we will experience five eclipse, two total lunar eclipses and three solar eclipses. This oil was created at the time of the 10:10:10 and carried to the sanctuary of Mount Shasta at the time of the Venus Full Moon.   It was bottled just after the Lunar Eclipse on the   Winter Solstice and placed in sacred ceremony in my medicine wheel.   It was again charged within a circle of 33 souls at the time of the 1:1:11 when the first wave of celestial light was received from Andromeda.   One can reach a heightened state of awareness as you step into the dreaming when working with the vibrational frequency this very special oil emits.     A beautiful combination of pure musk and myrrh from Egypt, orange from the mysterious sacred valley of Peru known for its fertility and abundance, peppermint and eucalyptus from Australia, a land known to hold the blueprint of moving through sudden and dramatic change.   When used in combination with the Uluru Tuning Fork one can experience a cellular energy shift assisting one in breaking through old illusions and untruth to align one with their original soul blueprint and dream.