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Paua Shell Oil


The Paua Shell oil helps us to gain an understanding of the lessons that have created layers of learning that often block our beauty.

When peeled away with a deeper understanding of our true nature, the beautiful colors of our soul begin to shine.

Contained with this oil are the essences of the plant beings known to provide courage and strength.

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There is a special magick in this rainbow shell, sacred to the Maori.   It holds the mystery of the shining light that we carry within ourselves.   This beautiful oil created with the paua shell and charged in the energy of the FulI Moon holds moonlight which can illuminate the inner beauty within us.   It opens one to a place on their journey, allowing the dreams of the deepest desires to come to life. Excellent to boost ones confidence to walk a path of truth and allow their true colors to shine.   Only through the layers being peeled away is the beauty of what is held inside shown.