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Obsidian Oil


This powerful oil was created with an obsidian stone being from the dragon line of the obsidian mountain in Mount Shasta.  It can quiet the mind and take us back into our center where this creative potential exists.

When placed on the heart can be used to transform regret, anger, guilt and fear.   Place on the wrists and rub together.   Breathe this powerful essence into you auric field.   Sit in stillness and ask for clarity.

Takes you into a higher state of consciousness to transmute negative thoughts and emotions into inspired thought for creation.

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Obsidian  brings the power of the nothingness.   This is the same potential the universe had at the beginning of its existence.   The state of pure potential. When we are in the gap, there is a   feeling of uncertainty and we spend too much time trying to figure it all out.   We have nothing to hold onto because we are changing.   Changing homes, changing lifestyles, changing ways of being. The nothingness is everything.   It is vibrant with possibilities.   It is unmanifest but it contains all.