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Mystical Avalon Oil


Created in the violet energies of the Masters in Mount Shasta this oil will be carried into the sacred temple of Avalon at the place of the Chalice Well.  The combination of oils comes from the flowers and plants of Mount Shasta as well as those that grow in the countryside of England.

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There is an etheric bridge that joins Mount Shasta with Glastonbury, England and can reawaken the memory of Avalon.   When placed on quartz crystals or the andara crystal, if the stone is placed on the earth it can activate the Dragon Line, infusing the earth grid with love.   When placed on ones heart it recalibrates and balances ones bio circuitry to come more into balance with the higher frequencies of light and can support ones physical body temple as we continue to receive the high frequencies of light being sent from Andromeda.&nbs p; Both Mount Shasta and Glastonbury sit in alignment with the Andromeda star and are key energy points anchoring the higher light frequencies into the cosmic spider web.   The oil opens one to receive clear guidance from the natural world, enhancing ones ability to communicate with the plant and stone beings.   Will enhance the healing powers of the tree and mineral beings to restore balance to ones physical body if placed on the thymus gland.   Amplifies the healing energies if used with the Avalon tuning forks.