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Mermaid Oil


Mermaids represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits and ferocious independence.

They bring courage and enchantment into one’s world, delight and wonder.

Place this elegant oil from their realm on your heart and dream center.

Place on your wrists, rub them together.

Breathe the mermaid essence into your aura and watch the magick unfold.

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Mermaid Oil

Mermaids are maidens of enchantment, seductive and charming born of the sea.

They speak of non-conformity, they churn the sea of dreams within our psyche stirring up delightful images of what we can be when we step out of our overthinking, soul numbing reality, we as humans create.

They help us focus on the elusive dreams that come in and out of our consciousness and remind us of the song of the sea.

Their song hypnotizes us to venture into other worlds and to see our true beauty.  They open us to the flow and invite us to move through the veil separating our worlds to play in theirs.

They teach us to flow in the moment and see the treasures all around us.

For those who honor the sacred blue they align us into the flow of effortless manifestation.


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