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Lady of the Lake oil


A beautiful blend of high vibrational oils created on the full moon with  a fire and ice crystal.  This oil can open ones heart to connect to the flow of the journey, taking one from the thinking mind  into the flowing heart.  The combination of oils helps create a heart centered reality.  Water being the element of the Goddess opens one to the dream time.

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An excellent oil to us when connecting with the water spirits, when one feels stuck and has lost the flow of their life  experience.   Place on the wrists and rub together, breathing in the essence of liquid light. Place on the dream chakra known as the medulla oblongata to help one reconnect to the dream and the remembrance that the dream is dreaming you.   Raises ones vibration so one is not easily distracted or thrown off balance and instead holds steadfast to their desires and dreams and allowing things to flow easily and effortlessly.  A powerful affirmation to make is the following:  I AM grateful to align myself in the immediate now with all the right people and all the right reasons that support me in the realization of my dreams.


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