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Isis Magick Oil


Known as the divine Mother Goddess.  Isis is the goddess of fertility and motherhood.   This beautiful oil is created from Pure Rose and pure Myrrh from the sacred lands of ancient Egypt. Myrrh is used to purify, bless, and protect.

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It is said to increase the power of meditation and used to awaken our awareness of the spiritual realities behind the everyday world. Thus it is an excellent scent for use not only in meditation, but also before and during magickal rites. This is the most powerful combination to awaken the Goddess within in the Year of the Divine Feminine Returning and the Goddess Awakening.  The oil can support one in expressing the divine in all aspects.  It also assists in healing the heart.  Place on the wrists and rub together.  Place on the heart center and third eye.    A powerful oil for one who needs to soften their outward expression stepping more into the feminine.  The oil was blessed on the holy of holy altars in the Temple of Isis.


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