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Infinity Oil


Created at the time of the high celestial alignment – Total Solar Eclipse, Super New Moon and Equinox – this powerful oil contains the vibrational frequency to recalibrate ones energy body, stabilizing these higher energies.   Contains the frequency of the Phoenix rising from the ashes which occurred as the eclipse reached its totality.   [read more below]

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Solar eclipses represent the death of the ego that holds our fears and belief systems related to illusion and the human experience.   At the time of the Super New Moon we are birthed into the new expression of the Spiritual Human aligning with our soul purpose.   We die a thousand deaths to give birth to a thousand new beginnings.   This oil can be used for all new moon rituals and assist in the full integration of these energies.   When placed on the heart we find our still point.   When placed on the crown chakra we are able to continue to immerse these higher light frequencies activating the celestial codes we carry within our DNA.   When we place this oil on our wrists and rub together creating our own fire it activates the Kundalini energies allowing us to tap into the fires of creative expression and open to inspired thought.     Helps one to manifest into physical reality all that was given birth the night of this very powerful alignment.    The oil was charged in the energy of Mount Shasta at the precise moment of alignment.