Hummingbird Oil


This is a very special blend of orange, lemon and lime, infused with the Andara crystal which holds the spirit of the hummingbird and the vibration of the emerald singing bowl that holds the vibration of Lemuria.

Hummingbirds are the tiny messengers of the divine.

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While Eagle carries our prayers to Great Spirit it is the hummingbird that moves in and out of the dimensions bringing back guidance to our world. Hummingbirds are the messengers of joy and happiness and a reminder of our true destiny.

This oil opens your heart to laughter and can ease the sense of anguish and hopelessness we feel from time to time when our load becomes to heavy and we do not feel we can carry all that we are being asked to. This also assists when we are clearing out old negative imprints from our energy field.

Because hummingbird comes from the fourth dimension this oil can assist us in balancing the energies that are moving us into a fourth dimensional reality.