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A combination of high vibrational oils known to open ones consciousness to the ancient wisdom while navigating through the chatter and confusion of the mind.  An uplifting energy that assists us in staying focused when we fall back into old patterns.  A powerful combination of mint from Egypt, pure myrrh known to open the intuitive channels and lemon from the sacred valley of Peru. Using transference magick to call in the spirit of Honu into the oil. Place on your wrists, rub them together and breathe in this special combination of oils.  Place on the temples and third eye.  Sit in stillness and call in the spirit of Honu.

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Honu Oil

The Hawiian sea turtle known as the God of the Sea, Honu is the sacred navigator.   This ancient one has inhabited the space of the ocean long before human and reminds us to pace ourselves, slow down and take time to nurture and go within.  It is a magickal experience to swim with sea turtle as this animal being can assist one in the search for their true path. The Pacific ocean holds the blueprint and consciousness of the Goddess and helps the human relax into the remembrance of their divinity.


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