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Heart of Bali Oil


This oil was created at the time of the Wesak Full Moon in Bali during sacred ceremony when the earth was being gifted with the special healing waters that open the heart to unconditional love.

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This is very different from the Spirit of Bali Oil created in 2005 as the vibration of the plant beings has accelerated to support the world of human. The flowers and grasses combined in this beautiful oil bathe one in the energies of unconditional love reminding us of the beauty of this earth walk.  When placed on the heart, enlightenment center, medulla oblongata and crown chakra it restores a deep knowing of ones earth walk.  Opening one to receive the healing properties of nature. This oil helps one through times of challenge and change by restoring a deep feeling of inner peace reminding one that when we love life with o ur entire being, life loves us back and all of nature recalibrates itself to bring us a sense of peace, restoring balance and opening the heart to experience love.  This oil frees one from holding on to the old patterns of guilt and fear.   The WESAK Full Moon brings an opportunity to open a doorway in the mind to the remembrance of our soul purpose and can be extremely beneficial when one falls into fear, feels blocked or loses their way.