Dreams of Iona


Place on the wrists, rub them together and breathe in this intoxicating blend that transports you into other realms of consciousness.

Place on the medulla oblongata, known as the dream center, the point where your neck and skull come together.

Breathe in deeply and feel yourself move into higher states of awareness to gain clarity.

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There is a tiny island known as Iona, the Dreaming Isle, in the Scottish Hebrides, believed by many to be one of the most sacred places on earth. Formed by the very oldest of rock. It is a floating island that holds the ancient memory. There is a magick on this land that beckons the heart to look deeper within to discover one’s dream.

The combination of the plant medicine and stone beings combined in this magickal blend, creates an opening into the higher realms of consciousness where one can discover their dreams once again. A beautiful blend of high vibrational oils prepared with stones from the mysterious Isle of Iona.

Sweet Orange known to uplift the emotions and the mind, relieving tension and anxiety. Clove known to provide insight into our pain (physical or emotional) assisting us in releasing it with clarity that it no longer serve us. Frankincense, used for purification, deep meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intention, and courage, helping one overcome fear and negative feelings, Elemi, sacred to the ancient Egyptians and known to support rites of passage, transcendence, journeying into the spirit realm.

Myrrh, as one of the most holy plants used for purification, dispelling of negative and harmful energies, while protecting one on journeys to the spirit realm.