Crow’s Magick Oil


Crow is the keeper of sacred law and knows the secrets of the Great mystery. Crow teaches us that there are many worlds we can access.

Place this oil on your wrists, rub them together and wave it into your auric field.  

It creates a shield of light that dissipates negative energy from attaching itself to your auric field.

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The striking black color of crow is the color of the creative potential and so they are the birds of magick. Crows protect those who are spiritual seekers of truth revealing and warning when there is illusion, or untruth present.

This oil can keep us centered and focused, also protecting us from psychic attack.   Part of the base oil is fennel and anise.   Worn into battle by ancient warriors, as it was known to be a source of protection.

This is most effective in protecting one from negative and chaotic energies that can distort our own energy bodies. Especially powerful during these times of uncertainty to help keep us centered and focused. Place on third eye and heart center to protect from psychic attack and negativity.