Blessings of Venus Oil


Created in New Zealand at the time of the rare Venus Transit and Full Moon lunar eclipse.

It holds the Venusian energies gifted to Mother earth while Venus was transiting the sun, qualities of beauty, creativity, harmony and love.

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This beautiful blend of high vibrational oils ignites the creative passion within and assists in helping one restore harmony and beauty into their life.   The unique combination of oils contains healing medicine to clear old imprints of suppression allowing the divine feminine to be expressed in a balanced and harmonious way.

When placed on the third eye and heart center the frequency of the oil creates the alchemical marriage of the male and female, allowing one to hear the knowing heart while silencing the thinking, worrying mind.

The combination ignites courage to step forward as it clears the he art of loss and betrayal.   Venus is the divine Goddess of love, beauty and sensuality, by placing the oil on ones wrists and breathing in the essence of these beautiful flowers and herbs it activates the kundalini energies.