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Black Madonna Oil


This oil frequency can help you tap into your own universal field of creation.   You are creative potential in constant motion and utilizing this oil can help you solidify and manifest all that you have ever desired to be.   It can assist you in living and expressing your full destiny.   Place on the third eye during times of meditation and visualization and over the heart center to help you tap into your creative potential.

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From the void of darkness all of creation begins.   From the furthest point of light our connection to the universe begins.   This oil is the next accelerated frequency connecting to Isis and Maria Magdalena.   This very special oil was carried into the energies of the last frontier, the crystal point of light that holds the blueprint to creation and charged in the Blue Ice of Antarctica.   The Black Madonna and the teachings of the Church of the Rose have held this knowledge since the beginning and the frequency of this light is being infused through the central crystal point of Antarctica into the grid.