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Atlantis Oil – Path to Mastery


This powerful oil is super charged with crystals and essences from Atlantis. A civilization that was dispersed into three major areas. Tulum and the Yucatan Peninsula, Egypt and the highlands of Scotland, Ireland and Avalon.

This oil has been created to support the human in releasing the ancient Atlantean seed fears, old traumas and guilt that have prevented one from transcending from the earth plane consciousness of illusion.

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Atlantis Oil – Path to Mastery

This is an oil of renewal and rebirth, connected to the wisdom held within the crystal library of Atlantis.

Through an ancient alchemical process, the knowledge stored within the coral beds from the Atlantean waters have been infused into this powerful oil to break through old karmic imprints and restore ancient wisdom.

Place on the third eye, crown chakra, dream center and heart. Place on the wrists, rub together and feel your energy field shifting.

Atlantis holds the keys of ancient knowledge and wisdom that will assist each us in moving forward with strength and courage.

The oil unlocks the dormant memory stored within your living waters.


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