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Aotearoa Oil


This highly charged oil was carried to the realm of higher learning in Castle Hill at the time of the Conscious Convergence.   It contains the life essence of the plants of New Zealand and opens one to the knowledge of the Waitaha nation.  

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This harmonious nation of long ago was comprised of the rainbow nations from the four corners of the world.   This oil has been charged within the star energy of the Southern Cross that serves as the gateway through which all souls enter the earth expression and the central star point of our remembrance.   This star system was used by the navigators of the past to guide them through the changing tides of the unknown. The vibration of the oils brings forth the medicine of healing.   The Waitaha trained those individuals with the rainbow mind and compassionate hearts   to travel the trails of consciousness to ultimate awareness. The chosen were dedicated and agreed they would carry the dream of a peaceful nation into tomorrow.   Tomorrow has arrived and it is time to awaken to your destiny.   This oil opens the shamanic mind to join with the compassionate heart and step into your full potential in service.   Place on the third eye and wrists, rub the wrists together and breathe in the earth essence of the oil.