Andara Crystal Cube


These handcrafted crystals are being gifted from the earth on land sacred and protected by the indigenous people of America. Each one is hand carved into the sacred geometric shape of the earth.

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The cube identified as holding magical powers is known as Metatron’s Cube. This stone holds the Emerald Green Ray which is the higher octave of the love vibration emanating to the earth in the year of the Heart, The Divine Feminine and the Goddess essence. Each one is placed in ceremony with the Mother Crystal. The vibration is a beautiful healing light, which can be used by healers in working with their patients to open the heart center. It can be used to infuse the vibration of love into the earth creating a bridge of light between our world and the world that exists parallel to ours. A world full of magic where all beings live in harmony. It is especially powerful to assist with opening and healing the heart and to bring clarity when facing challenges in relationships. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks, as each Andara is hand carved and placed in ceremony in alignment with the lunar activity. The cost for each is $260.00 plus shipping and handling.