The Dragonfly Emergence Course


Because of their connection to water, dragonflies are tied to our emotional selves. If you are stuck in an emotional pattern or just stuck in a temporary rut, dragonfly’s transformative power can assist on a deep level to make significant change.

This course is an ongoing process of (7) sessions that requires commitment and focused intention.  It includes a chakra clearing reading and review to set intentions as you begin the process of emergence. It is designed to raise your energy field from 3D limitations to 5D potential.

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This course can be undertaken via video session, or phone call.  Dragonfly wisdom will help you deal with every situation appropriately by providing tools to support the shifts and changes you will experience as you emerge into the full expression of all that you desire.

We will begin with a video call to set intentions, identify where you currently are in life and where you wish to be. Together we navigate the pathway that leads you to the manifestation of where you wish to be.

Each session will involve some homework to support you in creating the necessary changes as you go deeper into the old beliefs and energetic trauma to change your energy signature.  The work is designed to deconstruct the ‘old you’ and birth the ‘new’ expression allowing your gifts and talents to radiate out to the world.  Remember we are here to experience beauty, joy, laughter, union and love.   The various tools and focused intention provided in this series, serve as a natural container.

This course is designed to be undertaken consecutively because each module builds on the previous, taking you deeper. There are seven pathway modules that are undertaken one after another.